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Built on Canada’s fundamental values of diversity and inclusion that the country has come to pride itself on, Immigrants Life chronicles the heart-wrenching, unique and fascinating stories that emerge from everyday Canadian immigrants who have had to overcome extraordinary circumstances, trials and tribulations to choose Canada as a country of choice and furthermore adapt to their adopted country to live a prosperous life here.

Since inception, we’ve maintained the highest standards of fair and honest reporting, while covering stories on a wide variety of diverse backgrounds. At Immigrants Life, we believe in transparency and treat our valued subscribers with the respect they deserve. We’re always interested to receive feedback and constructive criticism about our pieces, as that helps us develop better material in the future.

Immigrant’s Life is the brain child of principle attorney Afshin Yazdani, who was no stranger to the arduous journey himself and was brought to life by Editor-in-Chief Veruschka Mungroo. Born from humble beginnings in the war torn country of Iran, Yazdani identified a dire need to chronicle the awe-inspiring journeys of the many immigrants to Canada that he has learnt of throughout his 18 years experience in the immigration and business law industry. Hence, the idea of Immigrants Life was born.

The multi-platform, video, podcast and written digital and social magazine, available also on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, foundation is built on the very doctrine of distinct concepts and unique thought patterns, to bring about fundamental changes in the way we perceive immigrants.

• To be the positive voice and heart of the Immigrant community in Canada
• To be global information hub and source of potential immigration to Canada – and to provide outstanding content that inspires readers to make informed consumer choices.

• To portray and capture the everyday life of an immigrant in a positive and inspirational voice to motivate potential immigrants to choose Canada as their country of choice, while concurrently identifying the various streamlined processes available for residency and present and future growth opportunities in all industries for prospective candidates.
• Powerful journalism and compelling storytelling, narrating the journey of immigrants to Canada