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Thank you for your interest in reporting for Immigrants Life!

Do you have an immigration story or know of a story that no one has told before? Is this something that you are uniquely well-suited to report? Is there a trend that you have a differentiated take on?
We are all about smart journalism and as a start up digital magazine, we want you to be part of our journey. Think everything immigration: Diversity, inclusion and your personal or ancestors journey to Canada – whether you are a first generation of seventh generation Canadian.

Before you pitch to us, the best way to get a sense of the topics we cover is to subscribe to Immigrants Life (www.immigrantslife.com) and sign up for our free, weekly newsletter (https://www.immigrantslife.com/newsletter).

Fill out the below form to pitch us your story. If you have questions even after filling out this form, email info@immigrantslife.com. Due to the volume of pitches, we cannot respond to every pitch unless we are moving forward with the story.

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What we look for
Submissions must be original and not published anywhere else. We consider work that has appeared online — even on personal blogs — as previously published. We are open to features in written, video and other formats, such as graphic essays, photo essays, and audio pieces, with high-quality reporting.

To get a sense for our style, read and watch our published features at https://immigrantslife.com.

We’re looking for heart-wrenching, emotional perspectives, from writers of every age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and political leaning. We are also open to pitches from previously unpublished writers or non-writers who may have an important story to tell. We’re here to help you connect your story to the bigger picture.

Lastly, research your idea, do a Google search and identify whether your story has been done before. We may reject a pitch if a similar story has already been published.


Can I submit fully written articles or video before a pitch?
Of course, but we can’t guarantee publication.

Can I submit my pitch (or fully written article or video reporting) to multiple places at the same time?
We only print stories that are exclusive to us. If, by the time we get back to you, someone else has published the story, please tell us as soon as possible since we can no longer publish it ourselves. We understand how precious your time is. We promise to let you know within three weeks if we will pick it up or not.

What can I expect in terms of editing?
We’re here to deliver quality journalism, and therefore your submission will go through a process of editing, which could mean a few edits or harrier edit rounds. We will run all edits by you before we publish.

Once my story is accepted, is it guaranteed to be published?
Like all newsrooms, we reserve the right to kill a story if it isn’t executed the way it was pitched and — despite editing or sourcing — doesn’t land at the quality level we expect of our published features.

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I don’t have an idea for a pitch but I like to write/shoot video and/or photos, and/or record and want to participate in the future. What can I do?

Submit your information in the following Google docs form and under the field asking for your pitch but do tell us about your unique background. You’ll automatically be added to our freelancer network and we’ll email you if we’re looking for something.

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